Pressurize Examination

pressurize examination


We provide a pressure test, leak test and also pigging. Hydro test or pneumatic test was used to test the ability of a pressure vessel, piping, tanks, hose or other equipment used to pressurize equipment.

Pressure test using international or national standards, such as ASME, API, British Standard or ISO Standard. Our equipment has been calibrated and is always well cared for. Our engineers and technicians have also been experienced in the area of oil and gas, industrial and mining.

The following services can we do to division Pressurize Examination:

  1. Hydrostatic Test
  2. Pressure Test
  3. Flushing Test
  4. Pigging Test
  5. Leak Test

For more details please contact our office at:

PT. Arexas Indonesia
Komp. Balikpapan Baru, Block E6 No. 02
Balikpapan – East Kalimantan
Phone. 0542 878299, Fax. 0542 871460

Or via the contact form on the menu above.

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