Lifting Gear Inspection & Certification

lifting gear inspection
Certification and inspections of lifting gear is to maintain the safety of the work, good equipment, installations and also the most important is human. For safety reasons then be made to the rules of the inspection and certification of lifting the various equipment. To determine the criteria feasible and not feasible for use of the equipment is determined by a set of inspection standard, international standard and national standard.

We provide inspection and certification services Lifting Gear in accordance with the criteria and international standards, both the ASME, API, BS EN, JIS, ISO standards and also Indonesia Standard. Some Lifting Gear Among them:

  • Wire Rope Sling
  • Shackle
  • Chain Sling
  • Webbing Sling
  • Turn Buckle
  • Chain Block
  • Snatch Block
  • Spreader Bar
  • Eye Bolt
  • Clamp
  • And Many More

We are ready to serve you with fast, precise and accurate. Report and certificate process quickly and with quality. Our inspector is qualified with International certificate. We have experience in the area of Oil & Gas, Mining and Industry.

One of our advantages is there on data services, we already have a data service that we call Data Base System and also Certificate Expire Notification. With 2 of the program, we are ready to provide more services than you expect.

For more details please contact our office at:

PT. Arexas Indonesia
Komp. Balikpapan Baru, Block E6 No. 02
Balikpapan – East Kalimantan
Phone. 0542 878299, Fax. 0542 871460

Or via the contact form on the menu above.

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