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Welcome to our website. We are a company specialized inspection services, certification, NDT, calibration and independent surveyors. We are very concerned about safety. With us you will find a service that is different from other companies. We greatly appreciate the customer with many innovative services.

Pressure Vessel Certification @PT. Pertamina EP Sangasanga
Lifting Equipment Inspection & Certification
Crane Certification

Arexas Indonesia will always be consistent in giving out the best service, to keep abreast of the times and technological development. Our inspector and engineer equipped with a variety of training and internal coach useful to continue to increase knowledge and experience.

Arexas Indonesia was established in Balikpapan – East Kalimantan, Indonesia in 2013, we are determined to move forward into a formidable company and provide the best service. We are aware that in the free market competition, we must continue to improve the quality and service quality, if not then we will be left by customers.

Up to now, we continue to be consistent in the field of Non-Destructive Test, Lifting Gear Inspection, Inspection Pressurize, Pressurize Examination, Pressure Safety Valve Calibration, Pressure Gauge Calibration, Crane Inspection, Offshore Container Inspection, Fuel Consumption Test, Tank Calibration and Independent Surveyor.

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Better Service

To provide better service, we also have to prepare a data base system and certificate programs expire notification, especially for all of our loyal customers. With these services, all data needs to be met quickly.

On behalf of the Arexas Indonesia, I say many thanks. To appreciate your trust, we will provide the best service for you. And do not forget, we also expect all of your comments and suggestions, so that we can continue to improve the quality of our services. Suggestions and criticisms can be emailed to: customer-service@arexas.com or via the contact form on the menu above.

Best regards,

K u s m a n
President Director